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Poets with real emotion.
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You're tired of walking in the puddles of your own tears.
Going in circles, circles, circles. Getting nowhere.
So you take your suitcase full of burdens, worries, hopes, passions and dreams
and step out of the light and into the weeds
in hopes of catching a train
that never moves forward, and never moves back
but keeps a promise
with a puff of smoke

It's as if I can just reach out and touch her, tell her not to go.
Even though I know . . . she's already gone.
:iconmischievous-eyes:Mischievous-Eyes 8 0
Keeping the Silence
I keep things to myself.
Because no one seems to care about my honesty.
But if I keep quiet
It seems that if I were to tell them,
they would.
:iconmischievous-eyes:Mischievous-Eyes 7 3
She. by Mischievous-Eyes She. :iconmischievous-eyes:Mischievous-Eyes 29 3 Wait. by Mischievous-Eyes Wait. :iconmischievous-eyes:Mischievous-Eyes 16 10 Chase by Mischievous-Eyes Chase :iconmischievous-eyes:Mischievous-Eyes 5 0
Such an Irritation
Trying not to make this too complicated
Although, I'm not having much success.
I gotta tell you, I'm getting a bit irritated
this sonnet is turning into a mess.
It's not like I wanted it to turn out this way
I like poetry, I really do
It's just this style really isn't my forte
I might as well be playing a kalamazoo
Scribbles and mistakes scratched all over my notebook
holes and tares all over the page
even my pen is giving me a dirty look
I just might go into a full blown rage
I think there's a reason why I write free verse poetry,
because then I don't write so terribly.
:iconmischievous-eyes:Mischievous-Eyes 3 0
In daylight you shine
through the skies
at night you resign
for tired eyes.
In winter, the gloom and gray
blanket your beauty amongst the snow
and the cloud ridden sky.
Until the next season leads the darkness away
and you are seen again, aglow,
people will have to sit in their sweaters and sigh.
:iconmischievous-eyes:Mischievous-Eyes 9 1
I Feel It by Mischievous-Eyes I Feel It :iconmischievous-eyes:Mischievous-Eyes 22 2
The Tempest of Your Mind
It's amazing to watch you wither away and die slowly as your mind explodes softly. It's horrible too though.
It's horrible when I call it amazing. But how can I not?
It is what it is and there's nothing I can do.
Age is your enemy, I can see. It's led you to glassy eyes and faded smiles and you're so confused but everyone calls you the wisest ever alive. Even though you're not. You're not. You forgot your memories and your tribulations and errors when all your friends passed away. Pity too, because your advice would mean a lot. A lot to me.
But the tempest of your mind controls your thoughts and words. All your voice does is add dust to the wind.
It's rather disappointing.
:iconmischievous-eyes:Mischievous-Eyes 14 15
Memoirs of a Butterscotch
I'm sorry but I am very old, therefore my memory is a bit faulty.
But I believe this is how the story goes:
Summer, or was it spring? Either way, it was warm. Yes, very warm.
I was crammed on the shelf with friends and even a few siblings.
All of us, whispering to support one another, "Don't worry, it will be the next person!"
Even though, deep down, it was ourselves that wanted to be picked up and held for a lifetime.
I remember her, looking up at me.
She was so young and bright
I knew she was the one.
Then she wrapped her hands around me
and took me down off the shelf.
"Goodbye!" "Have fun!" "Don't forget me!"
I heard some of the others whisper.
I could only smile,
because my mind couldn't handle complete sentences at the time.
After I was safely tucked in her arms,
she excitedly ran over to her mother.
The rest,
is history.
Over the years,
I've had three different collars (Although at the moment, I have none, it's better that way).
I've been divorced (never marry a cat), remarried,
:iconmischievous-eyes:Mischievous-Eyes 23 21
Love slowly kills you
yeah, but at least you're dying together.
Unrequited love
I'm still dying
and you're watching in ignorance.
:iconmischievous-eyes:Mischievous-Eyes 9 7
"It is best to have loved and lost, than not to have loved at all."
I'd rather be left alone on a cold, rainy night; told off in a text message,
than not to have even realized that there is such a thing as heartbreak.
:iconmischievous-eyes:Mischievous-Eyes 6 3
Hello Beautiful
You know what?
I love smiles,
especially yours
And you know what else?
I love your laugh, your voice.
It makes me feel secure and welcome,
it's as if you have charm embroidered onto your tongue.
Do you know this too?
You are the most supercalifragilisticexpialidocious person I've ever met.
And you're sweeter than sweet itself.
(Alright, that was cheesy)
And I'm sure you know,
How much I care and how much you mean to me.
But I . . . don't really know why I say this to you all the time,
maybe it's because . . . I like you.
:iconmischievous-eyes:Mischievous-Eyes 11 11
This, I know
I know that breakfast isn't necessary
and I am not an echo of my sister nor am I confused,
just uninterested.
I know that culture is stupid
in thinking that poetry has no life of its
own, that unicorns and dragonflies don't live in our hearts,
and that orange juice and chocolate
taste exactly the same.
I know that life has endless mysteries and insane parallels.
Rage is a lot like passion and passion is a lot like rage.
That and an orange and gray striped sock somehow matches
the blue and pink polka-dotted one.
I know that pianos and violins sound a lot like music
but are really a sign that not everything is black and white.
That and trumpets and clarinets are best friends.
I know that there is only one doctor
that I would let cure me.
And there's only one set of parents
I would let help me.
That and spiral notebooks are the devil's handiwork.
Above everything else,
I know that it's all
very, very, complicated.
:iconmischievous-eyes:Mischievous-Eyes 10 21
Old Fashioned (Senior Photo) by Mischievous-Eyes Old Fashioned (Senior Photo) :iconmischievous-eyes:Mischievous-Eyes 2 2
Not So Charming
Her prince was going to save her
from the dragons of heartbreaking loneliness
from the trolls, insecurity and incompetence
and from the throat tearing tears she bears each sleepless night.

Until he realized that the busty blond in the neighboring tower was so much better.
:iconmischievous-eyes:Mischievous-Eyes 19 21

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So. I have a rabbit.
His name is Ernest, named after the character in Oscar Wilde's play The Importance of Being Earnest. Mhm. He is adorable. And mine. He's my little Ernest.

. . . Hi, by the way ^^;
It's been a while eh? I mean I've been around and active, but haven't really made a journal for a few months. So yeah. I thought I'd give a little update on this thing I call my life.

Uh, I'm graduating high school in a little over a month, so that's exciting. :la:

My monitor burnt out, so we had to use one around the house (because we don't have enough money to buy a new one yet) and it happens to be a very old computer, the same age as me (I turned 18 in February) and it's favorite color is green apparently, because that's all I'm allowed to see. :grump:  
Yeah, so don't expect any art from me for at least a few more weeks.

I love pop-tarts. Oh, wait, that's not an update . . .

Instrumental music is amazing. Of course you already knew that though.
But Seriously, Lindsey Stirling, look her up on youtube, you wont be disappointed.
Aha, that reminds me, my last band concert is coming up! Wow, time goes fast huh?

So yeah, that's uh, life.

How are you all doing? What's up? What's the word yo?
Pretend I didn't ask that last question.
Feel free to drop me a line, it would be nice to talk with y'all again. :dummy:

Ernest is secretly plotting your demise.
I mean he loves you. Yes. He loves you, very, very much.
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I tend to vary in what I do for art. For, I like it all. Fractal work, photo manipulation, wallpapers, everything! Although I must say that literature is my favorite type of art. Writing is pretty much my favorite thing to do, creating stories and poems, I've loved it since I was little. And I hope that one day I will make my hobby into a profession.

Thanks for reading!
- K. J.

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